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Robbery, the act of taking personal property from another person against their will by using force or threats, is serious offense in all states.

Robbery differs from theft because it involves violence and intimidation. It is a more serious criminal charge, especially if there is a weapon involved.

A Seattle robbery is usually punishable by imprisonment, sometimes for life. Our Seattle robbery attorney team fully understands the consequences of these charges.

We also recognize the challenges our clients are faced with as well as the tremendous amount of pressure and emotional turmoil involved. Our experienced attorneys take all measures possible to provide the best defense for any of our clients who are charged with robbery.

I’ve been charged with Seattle robbery. What will happen to me?

The act of robbery is considered and treated as an aggravated form of common law larceny. In order for the discretion to be treated as a Seattle robbery, the following elements must have been involved:

  • Trespassing
  • Taking and carrying away the personal property of another individual The act must have been committed:
  • With the intent of stealing
  • From the person or in the presence of the victim
  • By force or threat of force

A person can only be charged with a Seattle robbery if, during the act, there is a specific intent to take the personal property of another person. Borrowing property or taking the property for temporary use is not considered robbery.

Additionally, force and/or intimidation are required to be specific to the act of robbery while the event is happening, and it must be immediate. It is not classified as a robbery if the threat indicates that there will be future violence.

Our Seattle robbery attorneys are highly trained in recognizing and distinguishing the subtleties and details of the events that take place in a Seattle robbery, and we do everything possible to weigh the case in our client’s favor. Our lawyers provide a skillful and professional defense that will help make a difference when a client is charged in a robbery case.

What are the different classifications of robbery?

An armed robbery involves the act of force against the victim with the use of a gun or deadly weapon. Armed robberies often occur in banks, stores, or in homes. An aggravated robbery is a more serious criminal offense and involves the following factors:

  • The use of a deadly weapon, such as guns or knives.

  • The infliction of serious bodily harm If serious bodily harm is inflicted on a victim - even without the use of a deadly weapon - the law calls for a more serious punishment compared to when only the threat of violence is involved.

Attempted robbery occurs when the person takes actions toward taking the personal property belonging to another person, but is unsuccessful in their attempt. An attempted robbery can be treated similarly to a robbery change when it becomes a court trial. Therefore, it is essential to have the right Seattle robbery lawyers who will aggressively defend you in all circumstances.

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