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Even if you weren’t actually driving, you can still be charged with a crime if the police find that you were in control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. A Seattle physical control charge applies when an individual is found behind the wheel of an unmoving car while under the influence of alcohol.

Most physical control cases involve a driver sleeping at the steering wheel while the car is not running, but the truly unfortunate part is that the state can still charge an individual with physical control if they had no intention of driving in their intoxicated state.

If you have been charged with physical control, know that pleading guilty is not your only option. Our experienced and aggressive Seattle physical control attorneys know Washington State drinking-and-driving laws inside and out, and we are prepared to offer you the best criminal defense possible for your unique situation.

I’ve been charged with Physical Control. What will happen to me?

Though the legal system has imposed some standards, the definition of what constitutes a physical control charge is often unclear and very few cases are black-and-white. The state considers a person who is found to have been “safely off the road” not guilty of physical control, but there are a number of factors influencing how the court may perceive your particular situation.

  • Was the vehicle running?
  • Were the keys in the ignition? If not, where were they – in your pocket? On the seat next to you?
  • Were you parked at the side of the road? In a parking lot? Far away from other drivers (such as in a field)? What could have happened if your car had begun to move?
  • Where you in the driver’s seat, the backseat, or another part of the car?
Why hire a Seattle Physical Control attorney?

It is important to take action to this offense and fight back when facing a physical control charge. Seattle criminal defense lawyer Jason S. Newcombe understands how you’re feeling during this difficult time. You’re likely frustrated, worried about how the proceedings will turn out, and nervous about how it will affect your future. Perhaps you’re embarrassed to tell your friends and family, and maybe you’re angry and feel like you’ve been accused of a crime unjustly.

Call a physical control lawyer from our criminal law team today.

We know what you’re going through, and we’re here to help you fight back. Our Seattle physical control lawyers have over 30 years of experience fighting for our clients’ rights in court, and we know our way around the Washington State legal system.

Our familiarity with the law, experience with key prosecutors and judges, compassion for our clients, and aggressive approach to meeting their needs makes our legal team the top choice for Seattle area residents looking to fight their physincal control charges and return to their normal lives.


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