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In Washington State, an expungement proceeding is a lawsuit in which a first-time offender convicted of a criminal act attempts to seal his or her criminal record.

Our Seattle expungement attorneys know what it takes to remove a previous conviction from your record so that you can continue with your normal life.

For over three decades, our team of resourceful and aggressive Seattle expungement lawyers has completely understood how having a criminal record can impact your life. We are committed to giving our clients a second chance, and our experienced attorneys take all possible measures to expunge charges from our client's criminal record if they are first time offenders.

Why hire a Seattle expungement lawyer?

Although expungement involves a past underlying criminal record, we want our clients to be aware that expungement is a civil action that is available only for first time offenders. Our lawyers are here to help you understand your constitutional and state rights, especially when your criminal charges are negatively affecting your life.

Being granted a Seattle expungement means that the rest of your life doesn’t need to be marked by your criminal charge. However, it is important to understand the distinction between an expungement and a pardon.

If you are granted an expungement, your criminal charge will be erased from your record. A pardon will not erase the charge; rather, it signifies forgiveness for the crime you were charged with. In Washington State, an expungement is granted by a judge. A pardon is granted only by a governor in the case of state law criminal offenses or by the President in the case of federal offenses.

At the law offices of Jason S. Newcombe, we work as a team. Our Seattle expungement lawyers collaborate in order to leverage our resources and offer the best possible legal representation. As Washington state citizens, you are entitled to certain state and constitutional rights. We offer low flat fees to in order to make our services available to all deserving Seattle-area residents to allow them to get started today on erasing their criminal charge from their record.

If you would like to expunge a conviction, our Seattle criminal conviction expungement lawyers are here to help you.


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