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At the Law Offices of Jason Newcombe, we understand the complex nature of Seattle domestic violence charges – and our knowledgeable team is prepared to do everything possible to make sure that your version of events is told.

You are entitled to certain constitutional rights as an accused party, and our Seattle domestic violence attorneys will work to protect your best interests without judgment or preconceived ideas about your guilt.

In Washington State, there are three important facts to keep in mind regarding Seattle domestic violence.

  1. If the police are called to your residence, at least one person will be arrested. Even if both parties are at fault, the police may choose to arrest only one.

  2. The person arrested is usually the man, regardless of what actually occurred.

  3. Once the police have become involved, the decision of whether to file charges no longer resides with the alleged victim. The prosecuting attorney will decide whether charges should be filed, regardless of what the alleged victim desires.

What is Seattle domestic violence?

In Washington State, many different types of crimes can be charged as domestic violence. Your Seattle domestic violence lawyers will be able to better assist you with understanding the charges against you as well as the best approach to fight them. Because of the complex and serious nature of the charges, there are a number of effective ways to argue your case in your favor. • Assault – Domestic Violence

Why hire a Seattle domestic violence lawyer?

If you have been arrested or accused of Seattle domestic violence, it is important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Many of our Seattle domestic violence attorney clients have never been in legal trouble before, and attempting to defend yourself in front of the police will often lead you to make statements that could incriminate you or make the situation worse. You have the right to refrain from speaking with the police until your Seattle domestic violence lawyer is present.

We understand how difficult and humiliating this time is for you and your family. You may have been banned from your residence or from seeing your family, and you are probably concerned about how this will affect your children, your job, and your future. Our team of Seattle domestic violence attorneys has over 30 years of combined experience in domestic violence cases.

We’re knowledgeable, experienced, and we understand how difficult your situation is for your entire family. Seattle criminal attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients understand their situation, choose the best course of action, and protect their reputation as well as their family’s privacy.

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