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Although a Seattle disorderly conduct charge is only considered a misdemeanor in Washington State, it can have serious consequences.

Not only do you run the risk of harsh penalties, but a disorderly conduct charge can mark your permanent record. It could interfere with your work life and could even prevent you from getting a job, as well as prevent you from pursuing educational or other career opportunities. Seattle disorderly conduct charges can also play a deciding factor in the court’s decision if you are involved in any future court proceedings.

Therefore, it is extremely important to have an experienced Seattle disorderly conduct lawyer on your side. For over three decades, our team of lawyers has been aggressively representing the rights of our clients and protecting them from the long-term consequences associated with disorderly conduct and criminal charges.

Without the right support, you may find yourself pleading to a sentence far more severe than you deserve, or fighting a losing battle at trial. Our Seattle disorderly conduct attorneys know what it takes to represent your state and constitutional rights and to ensure that you have the fair trial you deserve.

I’ve been charged with Seattle disorderly conduct. What will happen to me?

A Seattle disorderly conduct charge is a criminal charge against someone who has been found behaving in a manner that is disruptive to public peace, safety, and order. Generally, disorderly conduct charges are used for actions that are offensive, reckless, and intentional.

They may include a version of the following actions:

  • Participating in fighting or in rowdy and disruptive behavior.
  • Making unnecessarily loud noises that continues after you are asked to stop.
  • Disrupting a lawful assembly or group.

Additional acts that could result in disorderly conduct charges may include:

  • Public drunkenness.
  • Obscene or abusive language.
  • Loitering in certain areas.
  • Obstructing traffic.

The legal punishment for a Seattle disorderly conduct can include fines, community service, compulsory counseling, and jail time. The judge will have the persons’ criminal history on hand, and will take that into account when considering a sentence. Our team of Seattle disorderly conduct attorneys will know how to handle your case, whether you are a first-time offender or have a history of criminal charges.

How hiring a Seattle disorderly conduct attorney can make the difference.

Our Seattle disorderly conduct lawyers will ensure that you have a fair trial at a fair price. We offer low flat fees that make our services accessible and available when you need them most. Fight your Seattle disorderly conduct charge now and talk to a Seattle criminal defense attorney today.

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