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In Washington State, burglary is considered a serious crime – and the charges against you could have a negative impact on your life, your future, and your ability to obtain employment.

If you have been arrested for burglary, know that consulting with a Seattle burglary attorney as soon as possible will help ensure that you are afforded a fair trial and can even reduce or have the charges against you dropped.

I’ve been accused of Seattle burglary. What will happen to me?

In Washington State, burglary is defined as the entry into a property or dwelling with the intent to commit a criminal act.

Even if no criminal act was committed, you can still be charged with burglary assuming that the prosecuting attorney can prove that you entered the premises with the intention of committing a crime. You may also be charged with burglary if you entered the building or the residence lawfully and simply stayed longer than invited with the intention of committing a crime.

There are three different degrees of burglary in Washington State. Your Seattle burglary lawyers will be able to describe which charges apply to you based on the circumstances of your case.

  • Residential burglary. A class B felony, this charge applies when the accused individual illegally entered or remained in a residence.

  • 2nd degree burglary. Also a class B felony, a charge of 2nd degree burglary applies when the person entered a building other than a residence.

  • 1st degree burglary. The most serious type of Seattle burglar, this charge applies when the person entered any kind of property (a residence or other building) while armed with a weapon or if an assault was committed. This is a class A felony and could have very serious consequences.
Why hire a Seattle burglary lawyer?

Much of a burglary conviction rests on the prosecution’s ability to prove that the defendant entered the premises unlawfully with the intention of committing a crime. Proving intent is often quite difficult, and an astute and experienced Seattle burglary attorney will be able to sort through all of the evidence in your case to explain discrepancies and ensure that no evidence is misinterpreted by the court.

Additionally, our criminal defense team will check to see that all evidence against you was collected lawfully by the police to make sure that you are not taken advantage of by law enforcement.

At the law offices of Jason S. Newcombe, our Seattle burglary attorneys understand what you’re going through. We aim to treat each of our clients with respect and without negative judgment, and it is our goal to provide each individual with the best defense possible.

Our flexible payment plans and low flat fees make our services affordable for any defendant – and we are completely dedicated to protecting the rights of each of our valued clients.


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