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Just like driving a car under the influence is a crime in Washington State, operating a boat under the influence of intoxicants is also punishable by law. If you have been accused of Boating Under the Influence (or BUI), know that accepting the charges is not your only option.

I’ve been charged with a BUI in Seattle, WA. What will happen to me?

A Seattle BUI is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. If you have been arrested for BUI, it is likely that you will be criminally charged – especially if you had refused a breath test or provided a sample that demonstrated a BAC of over .08.

At the law offices of Seattle BUI attorney Jason S. Newcombe, we know that being charged with BUI is an extremely difficult and frustrating experience. We understand that you’re feeling scared, worried about going to jail or how your charge will affect your job, and possibly frustrated over being charged with a crime.

A Seattle BUI attorney from our firm will assist you without judgment and with your personal needs in mind.

Why hire a Seattle BUI lawyer? Though not as serious a charge as DUI, boating under the influence is still a crime and you will likely be prosecuted by the state. With more than 30 years of experience fighting Washington BUI charges, our attorneys are familiar with case law, court proceedings, the judges and the prosecuting attorneys who will be involved in your case – and we’re prepared to take any measures necessary to have the charges against you as well as your sentence reduced or even dropped.

For example, in the case of a Seattle BUI charge determined by a breathalyzer test, there are a number of confounding factors that can influence the test results and may make a difference in the outcome of your case.

If the following conditions were not met, your breath test results may not be admissible in trial.

  • Was the person who administered the test properly authorized by the state to do so?
  • Had you smoked, vomited, or had anything to eat or drink within 15 minutes prior to the test?
  • Did you have any foreign objects (other than dental work) in your mouth during that 15-minute period?
  • Were certain conditions related to the testing device – including the temperature, display messages, specific readings, and control test results – in line with state standards?

We take a team approach to every case, collaborating with our staff to pool our resources and provide you the best defense available. As a Washington State citizen accused of BUI, you are entitled to state and constitutional rights and you deserve to have a team of legal representatives on your side during court proceedings.

Don’t let a BUI charge affect your life, your criminal record, or your favorite pastime – by speaking with an experienced and aggressive team of Seattle BUI Lawyers, you’ll be better prepared to face your criminal charge and leave the courthouse with an outcome that works for you!


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