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Assault is considered a serious crime in Washington State – but if you have been accused of assault, know that accepting the charges is not your only option.

There are a number of circumstances under which your charge could be reduced or even dropped, and it is important to consult with a Seattle assault attorney before you answer any questions from the police or tell them your side of the story.

A Seattle assault charge is a serious matter and can impact your job, work prospects, living situation, and family life. We understand how difficult it is to be accused of assault, and our experienced and dedicated Seattle assault lawyers are here to listen to our clients without judgment and help them in any way possible.

Speaking with an experienced attorney from the law offices of Jason S. Newcombe can help you explore your options and take control of your defense.

What is Assault?

Washington State recognizes four degrees of assault:

4th Degree Assault (Misdemeanor Assault).
This charge applies when the victim did not experience any significant bodily harm as a result of the attack. In most cases, medical treatment is not necessary. As a gross misdemeanor, 4th degree assault is punishable by up to one year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree Assault (Felony Assault).
If the victim required medical care after the attack, a charge of felony assault would apply. Depending on the seriousness of the injuries inflicted and the amount of force used in the attack, the defendant could be charged with between first- (the most serious) and third- (the least serious) degree assault. As a felony charge, first- through third-degree assault is a serious charge punishable by jail time and substantial fines. A Seattle assault lawyer will be able to explain the specifics of each charge in detail.

Why hire a Seattle assault attorney?

Cases of assault are not always black-and-white, and combing through every detail of your case with your Seattle assault lawyers can help uncover important details and key evidence that may drastically affect the outcome of your trial.

There are a number of reasons that an individual may become involved in a physical altercation, and the story behind the events in question is often crucial to your Seattle assault defense. In Washington, it is legal to use physical force to defend yourself or another person. You also may need to defend your property.

Our Seattle assault lawyers come highly experienced.

Our Seattle assault lawyers take a team approach to each case, working together to build an appropriate defense and act in the best interests of our clients. Perhaps your trial is a case of mistaken identity. It is also quite common for witnesses to be mistaken about what they saw, especially if the assault occurred at night or in a bar. Our Seattle assault attorneys are here for you and ready to protect your interests should you be accused with this criminal charge.


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